The Purple Blanket Book Project: We Need Your Help

The Purple Blanket memoir tells the story of one of Montana's first woman-owned and managed manufacturing businesses, Cindy Owings Designs (COD). COD's 23 years of fashion and home accessories manufacturing began in Cindy's living room and grew into a 5000 square foot factory on Bozeman's historic North Wallace Street.

Beyond the fashion world, Cindy's business journey's success got the attention of USAID and other economic development organizations. By partnering with these non-profits, Cindy used her experience to lead textile design workshops and empower women in rural villages throughout the world.

Whether looking to nurture more creative living in your daily life or turning your passion into a business, The Purple Blanket is an inspirational story to makers everywhere.

How you can help:
Our goal is to sell 350 signed copies of the full-color, 136-page book to cover the upfront printing costs. We are working with Sweetgrass Books in Helena, Montana, to offer the highest quality product at the best price. If we do not meet our goal, we will opt to print on demand to get your copies to you. 

We anticipate shipping in early 2021 and will keep you posted on our progress each month. Thank you for your support!

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